AXIS 3 “Competitiveness of production systems”

Investment priority 3 (B) “Develop and implement new business models for SMEs, in particular for internationalization”

Specific objective 3.3 “Consolidation, modernization and diversification of territorial production systems”

Action 3.3.4 “Support for the competitiveness of businesses in tourist destinations, through offer qualification and product / service, strategic and organizational innovation”

Sub-action C “Innovative investments in the tourist accommodation sector”

This site was created with the contribution of the ERDF (European Union) and the POR FESR 2014-2020 of the Veneto Region.

We thank the institutions and our partners for making this intervention possible, which has allowed our hotel to improve its positioning in the market and to progress along the path of business digitization.

  • Update of the property’s website to the languages of the guests, adaptation to safety standards, interoperability and accessibility and integration with CRM, operational consultancy for the implementation of CRM strategies
  • Performance or data transmission software of the accommodation facility and related assistance
  • Consultancy for the integration of latest generation electronic payment systems, virtual tour and web-based app

Overall amount granted for the implementation of the entire project: € 6000